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Research and Destroy is the 8th episode of second season.

Research and Destroy
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Season 2, Episode 8

Air Date:

May 1st, 1995

Written By:

Jeff Astrof

Mike Sikowitz

Jay Moriarty

Directed By:

John Eng


In the Nam of the Father


Clip Job


Ajax's natural talent for poetry makes him popular at various beatnik poetry slams. Duckman gets him signed to a contract for a job creating greeting cards, but Ajax isn't happy with his new occupation as his boss cares more about appealing to focus groups then about creating art.


  • Episode Title Reference: The phrase "Search and Destroy." Research and Destroy meaning that market research ultimately destroy's Ajax's poetry.
  • First time Ajax's artistic talents are shown.
  • This is one of the two episodes that wasn't featured in "Clip Job", the other one being "Joking the Chicken".

Main Characters

  • Duckman
  • Ajax
  • Cornfed


Ajax's final poem: Warm hugs straighten my earmuffs and got me through metal detector mornings, and if never to be seen again, you're in my air.