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Richard is a one-time character in Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. He was Beatrice's first husband who was devoted to her.


He appeared to be a perfect, mild mannered, loving, trusting, successful hunk of a man.

Though, he had a serious heart condition.

Richard was away on business at the time that Beatrice and Duckman met.

He greeted Duckman with open arms, not knowing of Duckman's lascivious love affair with Beatrice.

When Duckman later told him of the affair, it caused him to have a heart attack.

Duckman kept bringing him to, just so he could share the story of his newfound smutty relationship to somebody. Eventually Richard's heart couldn't hold on anymore, and he died on the front step after Duckman had exclaimed "She said I was the best she ever had!"

Duckman wanted to see Beatrice again, but he knew it couldn't be at Richard's funeral.

He left, out of respect for Richard.

But in doing so, Duckman accidentally tipped over one of the grave stones, and it landed on the lower half of Richard's casket, launching him into a tree, and he wound up dangling from a branch by his leg.

Beatrice didn't know Duckman caused her first husband's death, but did admit that, though he was good to her, she loved him, but she was never in love with him.


  • On the Duckman Triva Quiz on Klasky Csupo's website, question number 8 asks "The voice of Richard, Beatrice's first husband (before Duckman) in THE GIRLS OF ROUTE CANAL, was portrayed by what famous actor?"
    • The answers were "A. Leonardo DiCaprio B. Ben Stiller C. William Shatner D. David Duchovny".
    • It's interesting that Ben Stiller was one of the choices, as Ben Stiller had voiced another one-time character in Duckman, Harry Metfly.