Ride the High School

Ride the High School is the sixth episode of first season.

Ride the High School
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Season 1, Episode 6

Air Date:

April 16th, 1993

Written By:

Michael Markowitz

Directed By:

Raymie Muzquiz


Gland of Opportunity


A Civil War


Duckman receives a letter offering Ajax a chance to go to a boarding school for gifted children. After visiting Ajax's current school, Duckman decides that Ajax must go to the boarding school. The family begins to miss Ajax's presence. Cornfed decodes one of Ajax's letter's and they go to the school to bring Ajax back, but it turns out the school is a front for Duckman's arch-nemesis, "King" Chicken.


  • First major role of Ajax.
  • Episode Title Reference: The phrase "Ride the high".
  • One of the robots made by King Chicken resembles Bart Simpson 
  • When Duckman goes to bring Ajax his lunch at school, several film references are made as he walks through the hallways. Some obvious, some subtle, these include; Class of 1984 (The futuristic punk-clad students entering school, the metal detectors), Blackboard Jungle, (The riot in the classroom), Indiana Jones (The giant garbage ball), West Side Story (The Jets beat up Duckman), The Little Rascals (They also beat up Duckman), 

Music Used

  • Hungry Freaks, Daddy by Frank Zappa
  • The music is "Best Friend," the theme from The Courtship of Eddie's Father.

Main Characters

First Appearences


Duckman: Come here chicken & prepare to meet your colonel.

King Chicken: The students, professors, all animatrons, robots. Duckman: Even Deanna, that lovely co-ed? King Chicken: Nope! I've never been able to make breasts. She's a muppet. Duckman: Ohh! To be Frank Oz for a day!

Cornfed: Sometimes after an electrical storm I see in five dimensions. Why are the sixty of you looking at me like that?

Cornfed: Norman Rockwell. On acid.

Duckman: Alright let's go. These candies melt, I can't use them as slugs in the toll basket.

Duckman: Duckman. Duckman with a D. In fact PHD. Loveology. Perhaps you'd care to stay after class while I grade on your curves?

Duckman: Goodnight Ber.... Bernice: AHHHH!!!!! Duckman: BRRRR! YUCK! It'll be a long time before I eat Broccoli again.

Duckman: I was attacked, beaten, left for dead. Bernice: I told you not to join a record and tape club.

Duckman: The boy is fifteen years old. He still hasn't mastered the four slice toaster.

Ajax: Hey! Someone! The escalator stopped! I'm stuck! Somebody?

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