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Rube Richter
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"Take a chill pill, Daddy-O."



First Appearance:

A Star is Abhorred


Record company executive

Voiced by:

Joe Mantegna

Rube Richter is the president of Def Mute Records. He discovered Bernice's musical talent (specifically how it captures the anger of modern-day women) and he made her name into gold.


Rube has the mannerisms of a beatnik, mixed with the personality of your average record company executive. Rube can be pretty pushy when it comes to packaging talent. His manners of speech are also pretty dated (even at the time), though he is also a very fashionable gentleman and is shown to have a lot of self-confidence.

When he set up an entire tour for Bernice, he appointed Duckman as the Director of Motivational Services, and he used money to bribe him into accompanying Bernice on the tour.

A drunken Bernice had also tried to get "sugar" from Rube, but he had rejected and flirted around with two female groupies instead. Much later, Bernice had sang something in dedication to her nephews, which prompted Rube to fire her, because that gentleness wasn't what he was going for. He would later hire a Eastern-European janitor in her place.

Later on, Duckman convinces him to play poker at his house by telling him that Joe Walsh will also be there, meaning he'd have a clear shot of signing him to Def Mute Records. This was primarily to impress Bob Guccione by surrounding his friend circle with high-class people.