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First Appearance:

Gripes of Wrath

Significant Others:

Cornfed (ex-boyfriend)

Voiced By:

Debi Derryberry

Character Edit

Sherry was a nymphomaniac who the supercomputerLoretta paired up with Cornfed during the supposed utopia. Things go sour between the two when Cornfed betrays her trust by making copies of a private video of herself. She has an apparent dark side to her as seen when she graphically described how to kill a man using a jar of rats and a blowtorch.

She is regularly seen in backgrounds, or used when a scene calls for an attractive woman.

Appearances Edit

  • Gripes of Wrath
  • Papa Oom M.O.W M.O.W.
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Bonfire of the Panties
  • Apocalypse Not
  • A Star is Abhorred
  • Kidney, Popsicle and Nuts
  • Westward, No!
  • How to Suck in Business Without Really Trying
  • Four Weddings Inconceivable
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