TV or Not to Be
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Season 1, Episode 2

Air Date:

March 12th, 1993

Written By:

Bernie Keating

Directed By:

Raymie Muzquiz


I, Duckman


Gripes of Wrath


Everyone is enjoying Mother Mirabelle's TV show, except for Duckman. On the live broadcast it is revealed that the painting from the show which apparently causes miracles was stolen, the family demands Duckman solve the case. He and Cornfed track a perp to the art museum where Duckman is nearly killed. Upon waking up, he claims to have been to Heaven and been given the meaning of life on an Etch A Sketch. His outlook on life changed, Duckman seeks to spread the word.


  • Mother Mirable is a parody of Tammy Faye Messner (Formerly Tammy Faye Bakker) who hosted a Christian talk show with her husband, Jim Bakker known as the 700 Club, and then PTL Club and was known for her extravagant hair and makeup. Like Mirabelle's show, PTL Club was funded by donations. At one point they garnered enough donations to build the failed theme park and resort, Heritage, USA. 
  • Episode Title Reference: The famous Hamlet quote "To be or not to be."
  • One of the things Duckman flips through on TV is the Looney Tunes cartoon Sinkin' in the Bathtub.
  • The tornado that takes Duckman from Hell to Heaven is similar to the sequence in the Wizard of Oz.
  • The glass elevator is also similar to the one from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

Continuity Edit

  • Throughout the series the to-do list on the fridge has "Watch Mother Mirabelle" as an item.

Errors Edit

  • When Uranus dresses Duckman up in a multitude of artist disguises, his colors change to Fluffy's colors after the first option was shown. He reverts back when Cornfed explains to Duckman what the third disguise was supposed to be.

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