Tamara Le Boinque
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Nightclub Singer

Voiced By:

Bebe Neuwirth

First Appearance:

Noir Gang

Tamara Le Boinque, her real name being Tamara Le Binque, was the "Femme Fatale" from the episode Noir Gang, a parody of the film noir genre.

Character Edit

She first shows up at the Duckman Detective Agency's office to report that she believes someone is trying to kill her, as she found a rock with a note saying they were going to kill her. She lists off a number of lovers who all said they'd kill her for sleeping with the next.

She was employed as a nightclub singer, although despite her sexual stage presence she sang "I'm A Little Teapot." Duckman and Cornfed both fell for her. She returned Cornfed's feelings, but pretended to want to run away with Duckman so that he would inadvertently kill her rich husband, whom she said was her grandfather, by making him laugh and induce a heart attack.

She'd been impersonating her younger sister, after she killed her last husband, using the insurance to bribe city officials to get the water rights to Chinatown so she could finance her search for the Maltese Falcon. Cornfed had her arrested.

She reappears later in Aged Heat 2: Women In Heat in a cameo, where she's seen mud wrestling another woman inmate. She's in a lady's prison following her criminal act in Noir Gang.

Her next cameo was in A Star is Abhorred, where she is seen with paparazzi taking pictures of Bernice before her TV debut. This implies she's out of the prison.


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