Tami Marguilies
"Wow. You guys all seem so close, it... It makes me wish I weren't so alone."



First Appearance:

The Tami Show




Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Two Unnamed Brothers



Voiced By:

Kim Cattrall

Tami Marguilies was a seemingly innocent young woman who briefly moved in with the Duckman family after being hit by Duckman's car.

Character Edit

Since she was living in a transient hotel with no locks on the doors, Beverly invites her to move in. She claimed her entire family died in a freak sleigh accident in Vermont, but as Cornfed later found out it was a slaying accident involving butcher knives.

She began giving Beverly drugged lattes in order to take her place as the family's surrogate mother. She also killed Dr. Ben Stein's gardener who saw her doing this, and frames the murder on Beverly hoping this will keep her out of the picture for good.

When Duckman and the boys regret allowing Beverly to be arrested, Tami snaps, concluding that they aren't the perfect family she believed them to be and attempts to murder them with an axe. She had been attempting to take over family's for the last couple of years, but they always disappoint her and she ends up killing them.

While Tami has a cutesy facade, and a skimpy way of attire, she can instantly snap into a psycho-axe-killer when provoked. Tami's insanity and bimbo-like demeanor seems to stem primarily from crippling loneliness, and a drive for validation and attention.

Tami also seems to have a penchant for coming back to life unscathed after being brutally mutilated, a similar ability to Fluffy and Uranus. Cornfed reasons this as "psychotic killers always return after their apparent deaths." She was even shown to be eaten by a shark, and she still survived.

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