The Once and Future Duck
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Air Date:

April 13th, 1996

Written By:

Dean Batali and Rob des Hotel

Directed By:

Peter Avanzino


Pig Amok


The One With Lisa Kudrow in a Small Role


Fearing being replaced as a father figure, Duckman promises to attend Charles and Mambo's recital. Meanwhile, Ajax claims to have ripped open a hole in time-and-space. Later that night, Duckman encounters his future-self, who is filthy rich because he attended the recital. Duckman tries to use this situation to his advantage, but finds his future radically altered by even the slightest action.


  • Rhonda Shear makes an appearence as herself, wanting to sleep with Duckman. She is best known as a Miss America contestent and Playboy Magazine model. She also appeared as a host in the USA Network's USA Up All Night.

Continuity Edit

  • One of the girls in Charles and Mambo's recitle was the flower girl at Bernice's wedding to Baron Von Dillweed.
  • Duckman also missed a tuba recitle of the twins' in American Dicks and The Mob Frog Saga Issue 2, and their birthday in A Room With A Bellevue .
  • This episode states that Duckman and Beatrice's wedding was 18 years ago, however in The Girls of Route Canal she was already pregnant with Ajax, who is only 15, before they got married.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Am I doing the right thing marrying Beatrice? Do we grow old together?"
(beat) "You're gonna love her 'til the day you die."

Past Duckman and Duckman