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They Craved Duckman's Brain! is the fifteenth episode of the semi-finale season.

They Craved Duckman's Brain!
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Air Date:

May 4th, 1996

Written By:

Michael Markowitz

Directed By:

Donovan Cook


Aged Heat


The Road to Dendron


Duckman is cast in a hospital educational film with Joe Walsh; for his part he is put into an MRI chamber. The film crew is thrown out of the lab and Duckman forgotten. Left too long in the chamber, a mutation occurs which a doctor identifies as a cure for cancer. Now everyone wants Duckman's brain for their own purposes.


  • The episode starts with the following caption: "The following program has been altered from its original format. (PAUSE) If you have any idea who altered it, please let us know. (PAUSE) We're really mad." A caption following the episode reads: "No gerbils were harmed during the filming of this episode."
  • The family has a long conversation about Star Trek.
  • Barry Brittle makes a cameo appearance in the crowd that mobs Duckman near the end.