Trigorin Hufnagel

Trigorin - Stable Boy

Trigorin - Restaurant Owner



Stable Hand, Candy Store Owner, Restaurant Owner


First Appearance:

Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot

Voiced By:

Jason Alexander


Trigorin Hufnagel was Grandma-ma's husband, and the father of Bernice, Beatrice and Beverly. They were from the same town in Russia. He was a lowly stable boy who was drafted for the war. After Grandma-ma's true love, Petrov, died in said war, Trigorin saved Grandma-ma and her family from a fire and brought them to America with him. The two were married and opened a candy store together.

However, Petrov soon returned revealing that the fire was started by Trigorin, who had purposely trapped Petrov inside the burning house to get rid of him. Petrov challenges Trigorin to a duel, however they both end up firing into the air instead. The bullet from Trigorin's gun hits a blimp, which crashes to the ground killing both of them.

In other episodes Duckman mentions having met Beatrice and Bernice's father, and Beatrice also mentioned her father when she first met Duckman. Therefor, it stands to reason that Grandma-ma was re-married at some point. 

Background Information Edit

  • Trigorin didn't effectively fight in the war. He instead hid inside one of the foxholes reading a bunch of "girlie magazines".
  • Trigorin finds the Statue of Liberty to be particularly arousing. He comments "Dig those full, ripe, childbearing hips!"
  • Trigorin took a liking to New York City, because it reminded him of his old home.
  • Trigorin's biggest dream is to open a Bikini Carriage Wash, and it has been since childhood.

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