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Vanessa La Pert
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Vice Principal of Mid-City High

First Appearance;

It's the Thing of the Principal

Voiced By:

Teri Garr

Vanessa La Pert was Ajax's attractive Vice Principal, of whom he had a crush on.


She called Bernice and Duckman to the school to discuss Ajax's recent behavior, and how he's been sent to the vice principle's office every day for the past week. To their shock, Ajax was purposefully getting himself into trouble so that he can meet up with Vanessa in her office... And she loved Ajax back.

It wasn't at all a physical relationship, but she had fallen madly for him. The two later ran off to Mexico to get married (it's legal there). Duckman and Bernice had chased after them so they could stop the wedding, and to do that, the two had to pose as newly weds.

Ajax and Vanessa thought that Duckman and Bernice seem so upset about them getting married, they announced to them that they called the wedding off. Ajax was far too young, and the two didn't know each other well enough to warrant a long-term tie. Ajax was happy, however, that he was able to make his own decision like this, and that he was treated like a grown-up.

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