Vuuck, as in Duck is the sixteenth episode of season four.

Vuuck, as in Duck
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Season 4, Episode 16

Originally Aired:

May 3rd, 1997

Written By:

Brett Baer and David Finkel

Directed By:

Jeff McGrath


Ebony, Baby


Crime, Punishment, War, Peace, and the Idiot


Duckman inherits a minor league baseball team as the dying wish of the owner who is trying to keep the team from the hands of a banker. To boost attendance he stages a series of stunts, that humiliate and scare the players into quitting. So he hires nine super-models to take their place and they are an instant success. Cornfed teaches them the fundamentals of baseball and they become a great team. However the banker institutes a scheme to prevent the Dixie-Cups from winning the big game and Cornfed discovers his other scheme, not telling them about the mortgage,  on the Internet in the newsgroup alt.villians.greedy-schemes. In the end Duckman leaves the team to the people of Winesberg, to keep baseball pure and not about money. They sell the team to the banker the next day.


  • Writer/producer Michael Markowitz notes:

Here's a "DYN" for you: In "Vuuck as in Duck," the chronology is all messed up, since there are two "arriving for the big game" scenes. Sometimes, reality and consistency are completely unimportant concepts. Of course, the folks at would have noticed this right away and called for the show's cancellation as a result.

  • The title is a reference to the late Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veek's autobiography "Veeck as in Wreck."
  • Cornfed is seen eating a hot-dog; could that be considered some sort of cannibalism? Then again, most hot dogs might not have any sort of pork products in them.
  • When Duckman is pretending to sell ice-cream he plays out a routine from the Marx Brothers' A Day at the Races.
  • The only episode where Tim Curry voices a character who doesn't turn out to be King Chicken.
  • The baseball team is called the Dixie Cups. Shortened on the uniforms to the D-Cups, a reference to the players' large breasts.