Walt Evergreen
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Tobacco Company CEO

First Appearance:

You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby

Voiced By:

Jim Varney

Character Edit

A slimy tobacco CEO with a southern drawl, Walt Evergreen showed up at Bernice's presentation on the advertisement of cigarettes to present his side of the issue. He invites her and her family to his plantation mansion to try and persuade her from taking action against his company in congress. Although Bernice seems enthralled with his charms, her mind is made up. When Evergreen sees he cannot persuade her he has his henchmen and women shackle the family and he enslaves them, forcing them to pick tobacco plants with threats of physical punishment and solitary confinement. In the end Duckman and Agnes DelRooney find Tony Randall who turned Evergreen and his goons into tobacco eating locusts, using magic.

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