Wilbur Nelson
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First Appearance:

America the Beautiful


Mrs. Nelson (wife)

Voiced By:

Alan Young

Character Edit

Wilbur Nelson was America's misogynistic, closed-minded ex-boyfriend. He currently lives in a suberb called "Appleville." He broke up with America because she began to ask why she couldn't have a say in decisions, and he didn't believe women should question his authority. His current wife is treated as a slave, with a large cartoon clasp and chain around her neck and shackles around her ankles. He and the rest of the neighbourhood are terrified of communists and end up accusing Cornfed and Duckman of being such.

Metaphorical Context Edit

He represents the 1950's, a seemingly wholesome and innocent time rife with raceisim, sexism and violence. As Cornfed puts it; "It seems to me you ignore the world around you hoping it's problems will simply go away. But they might not, for all you know a member of your lodge may be the bobby-socks strangler, your paperboy could be a transvestite." This attitude caused America to move on to a boyfriend with lifestyle that allowed her to be completlyy free and to rage against the police, just as the American people fought for freedom in the 1960's fighting the opressionn ignored by the common man in the 1950's.

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