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With Friends Like These
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Season 4, Episode 9

Air Date:

March 1st, 1997

Written By:

Gene Laufenberg

Directed By:

Steve Loter


Ajax and Ajaxer


A Trophied Duck

With Friends Like These is the ninth episode of season four.


Duckman wishes for more friends when Cornfed is the only guest at his surprise party. At a coffee shop he meets a group of young adults whome he begins hanging out with. Ditzi, Bobby, Sassy, Pete and Marion. Together they discuss their "problems" a la Friends with a side of Ellen. 


  • The parody of the Friends theme "Just Like Friends" was sung probably by Scott Wilk. The lyrics for the song were by Gene Laufenberg. Music was by Scott Wilk & Todd Yvega.
  • Despite being mentioned, Bernice and the kids are absent in this episode.
  • Duckman's date of birth is April 18th, making him an Aries.


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