You've Come a Wrong Way, Baby is the twenty-fourth episode of season four.

You've Come A Wrong Way, Baby
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Air Date:

July 26th, 1997

Written By:

Gene Laufenberg and Howard Margulies

Directed By:

Stig Bergquist


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Hamlet 2: This Time It's Personal


Mambo is caught with a cigarette in his mouth which freaks Bernice out enough to take action in Congress. A tobacco company CEO invites her and the family to enjoy the hospitality of the tobacco company he is head of. When Bernice won't change her position, they are enslaved and put to work picking tobacco. Rescue seems hopeless, until Agnes Delrooney, reveals that she has been hiding out as Grandma-ma all this time. She makes her escape, with Duckman handcuffed to her.


  • Agnes and Duckman break the fourth wall and do an advert for Blockbuster Video.
  • Episode Title Reference: "You've Come a Long, Long Way Baby, to Get Where You Are Today...", the slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes.
  • Bernice blames old movies for influncing Mambo to pick up smoking, when the more obvious exposure to cigarettes would be Duckman. With Bernice's outlandish claims about the media and her misguided solution to the problem, she and the head of the tabacco company are able to represent both extremes of the issue.
  • Strangely the episode with Grandma-ma's flashback aired before this one. Logically, the airing order on the two should have been swapped, or Grandma-ma's voiceover leading into the flashback should have been cut in order to suggest the story was merly being shown to the audience, and not remembered at that moment by Grandma-ma.
  • The episode ended with this caption: "Ironically, the Duckman production staff smoked 45 cartons of cigarettes during the production of this episode." The DVD version ends with a different caption: "This episode is dedicated to the memory of Joe Camel - 1987-1997."
  • The villains are turned into locusts by Tony Randall.
  • On the car ride to the tobacco plantation, Duckman is having an erotic dream about actress Kathy Ireland, who has done voices on the show.

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